All inspections with Ridge Valley Home Inspections include a comprehensive inspection of all major components of the home. The inspection report is completed using Home Gauge Digital Inspection Software. Reports are often provided the same day by a qualified Inspector.

All customers of Ridge Valley Home Inspections are encouraged to contact us in the future if there are any questions regarding the home or its performance. Ridge Valley Home Inspections wants you to “get to know your home”.

Pre delivery inspections (P.D.I.)

This is an inspection performed prior to the owner signing off on a new home. Once the owner signs off on the home it’s their responsibility and not the builders. This service can be useful if the owner of the home being built has some concerns prior to signing off responsibility from the builder.

New home warranty inspections

TARION is an agency which all new home construction companies must be a member of. This is who offers your new home warranty. It is the owner’s responsibility to bring any concerns to TARION prior to the expiration dates, to ensure any issues are resolved.

Pre-Purchase inspections (Buyers)

A buyer inspections by far the most common service. Studies suggest the majority of homes sold today are inspected by a professional home inspector. These are most often initiated by the buyer. Most offers are conditional offers based on financing and the results of a home inspection.

Pre-Sale inspections (Sellers)

These are becoming more popular. This is when the seller hires the home inspector to inspect the property prior to, or while a home is for sale. The advantage is, this will give the seller an opportunity to address any concerns with the home before an offer is made, this can speed up negotiations and the closing process. Also if a seller has had the home inspected prior to selling they may choose to leave the inspection report displayed for potential buyers to have a look at. This can save time because the buyer may not have the need to hire another inspector and the deal may go through faster.

Follow up inspections

A follow up inspection is offered for those who’ve already had Ridge Valley Home Inspections inspect their home. This service is recommended eight to twelve months after the initial inspection, or after some major work has been completed on the same home. The intent is to follow up utilizing the original report and focusing on the weaker areas stressed on the inspection.

Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Combo

Designed for customers who want to make their current home more marketable and save on the inspection of their future home. This package will ensure you receive the best value for your inspection budget.

Thermo Imaging/Infrared

This service will assist in determining hidden deficiencies that may not been seen with the naked eye. Your Thermo Imaging Inspection can assist in determining issues with: Insufficient or Improperly Installed Insulation, Moisture Intrusion/Mold Growth, Loose or Damaged Electrical Components, In Floor Heating Systems and possible Insect or Pest Intrusion.

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