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Benefits of a Home Inspection:

A home is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make. Wouldn't it be nice to have the piece of mind your making an informed decision prior to committing to this purchase for the next several years.

We often know an expert whether it's a electrician, a plumber or our Dad. These people may have vast knowledge in one or several areas of your home and we encourage you to let them have a look. However a home inspector can add that confidence of an expert opinion on all aspects of the home.

Home inspections are becoming part of the process in selling the majority of homes today. Not only is it common to have a home inspected prior to committing to purchase but many are hiring a professional home inspector

  • before they put their home on the market,
  • follow up inspections,
  • Pre-delivery inspection of new homes
  • and warranty expiration inspections

These are just a few services we offer.

What does it Cost:

All fees are based on a competitive pricing model designed by Ridge Valley Home Inspections. This approach provides a home inspection tailored to fit your needs. Call today for a no obligation quote. Methods of payment are Cash, Cheque, Master Card or Visa. Payment is typically required at time of inspection. Call today for a no obligation quote.

What's Included:

Your inspection includes a comprehensive assessment of major components of the home.
This includes;

  • Heating,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Plumbing,
  • Electrical,
  • Interior,
  • Exterior,
  • Roofing,
  • Structural systems,
  • and much more.
You are encouraged to accompany the inspector throughout the inspection so you have a good understanding of the report at the end of the inspection.

Each inspection takes approximately 2 hours depending on the age and condition of the home. The inspector is equipped with knowledge of all components of the home and has the appropriate equipment to determine the adequacy of these components. Later that evening your Digital Inspection Report, including pictures and explanations will be delivered to you via email.

Infrared thermometers, moisture meter, and inspection cameras are part of our standard inspection service. For an additional fee you can have your inspector perform a Thermo Scan with an Infrared Camera of your home.

All services include a follow up package exclusive to Ridge Valley Home Inspections. Along with other items; this package includes an extensive referral list of professionals to help you with your home improvement needs.

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